Arturo Archila – Guatemala

1.-Your opinion about Module 1 (Diagnosis and treatment in Holokinetic Psychology)

A: Excellent. Of great importance. Thanks to this module it is easier to understand the diagnoses that do not benefit from Unitary Perception. The medical updates are a big contribution too, and of course, the right use of the DSM-.

2.-Your opinion about Module 2 (Scientific explanation of Unitary Perception)

A: Excellent. This module is surprising. In general, the learning about the scientific revolution, the hologram, and holokinesis invites us to a completely different appreciation of the universe and of our interrelation, in general, with the world and with other human beings. 

3.-Your opinion about Module 3 (History and fundamental readings of the New Paradigm in Psychology)

A: Excellent. An intense module with deep themes, where the comprehension of time becomes clearer, and to polish the language becomes essential.

4.-Your opinion about Module 4 ( Exegesis and Unitary Perception)

A: Excellent. A really beautiful and inspiring module. Frankly, it makes you want to         continue investigating and reading about these themes.

5.-Your opinion about the teachers’ clarity, punctuality, attitude, devotion, presence, mistakes, etc.

A: Excellent. Their affection, dedication and devotion is felt in spite of the distance.

6.- Another opinion about the teachers and their participation.

A: None.

7.-Your opinion about the resources studied in the 4 modules.

A: Very good, in general. Comprehensive, interesting and profound. I would add more study material to Module 4 (N: Already in process)

8.-Your opinion about the time devoted to understand the contents.

A: The decision of expanding modules 2, 3 and 4 to two months was very appropriate.

9.- Did you use more than 2 hours per day for your assignments in the Course? Please answer yes/no and the time difference.

A: Yes. More than 2 hours, one extra hour in fact; I even added a complete day of the    week.

10.-Would you recommend the ICHP? Why/why not?

A: I think it is of great importance to anyone who wants to learn about Unitary Perception, besides reading RFG’s complete written work, whether you want to become a teacher or not.

11.- Suggestions and specific, concrete comments  to improve this Course, which is of crucial importance for mankind and for Scientific Psychology.

A: Module 4 was the only module in which the rules for assessing and grading assignments were specified. It would be appropriate for the rest of the modules. (N: This has been done already, as of November 2010)

  a) How well prepared do you feel for the IAS Holokinetic Psychology, oral and written exam?

  b) How well prepared do you feel to teach Unitary Perception (after passing the oral and written exam)?

A: I am aware that I need to keep studying constantly (the written work). I feel prepared to take the exam and to teach after passing it.